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Celebrating 100+ Years

The Etude Club began Jan. 29, 1904, when six women gave a dinner party and performed a musical program afterwards.

Opportunities for women to perform in public were slim at the time, and the evening was so inspiring that the women established a formal group to promote the study and performance of music. Members are either musicians or the ever-important associates, the listeners.

An ECB program today might look like the Feb. 26, 1914 program, which featured works by Beethoven, Mozart, and Mendelssohn. But other pieces heard recently at ECB were actually written during the Club's lifetime. Among them: Francis


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Our members come from diverse backgrounds: some are musicians, while others are not. What we share is our love music and our wish to support it in our community. The monthly meetings give us the opportunity to hear great performances by our members, to make new friends and to reconnect with old ones. ECB has three categories of membership:

  • Performing

    – participate in and contribute to all activities, including performing
  • General

    – participate in and contribute to all activities, other than performing