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Celebrating 100+ Years

Poulenc's lyrical 1962 Sonata for clarinet and piano; the virtuosic 1939 Scaramouche for two pianos by Darius Milhaud; or Hubert Ho's Tremble (2003) for flute and piano, performed with the composer at the keyboard.

Over the past 100 years, ECB has felt the brush of history. 'Our archives provide a wonderful glimpse into the last century,' said a past Etude historian. The club survived the 1906 earthquake, two world wars, and the turn of the millennium. It saw the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic claim the lives of several members. World War I found ECB members active outside music, with a table at the Twentieth Century Unit of the Red Cross making surgical dressings.


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Our members come from diverse backgrounds: some are musicians, while others are not. What we share is our love music and our wish to support it in our community. The monthly meetings give us the opportunity to hear great performances by our members, to make new friends and to reconnect with old ones. ECB has three categories of membership:

  • Performing

    – participate in and contribute to all activities, including performing
  • General

    – participate in and contribute to all activities, other than performing